Southwest Stamped Large Silver Cross Howlite Turquoise


Western Southwest Cowgirl Hand Stamped Silver (plated) Large Cross Necklace with Large Turquoise Howlite Pendant.

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Western Southwest Cowgirl Silver (plated) Large Necklace with Large Pendant. The hand stamped silver plated pendant measures 3 1/8″ square and with added bail is 4 3/8″ long. There is a Blue Howlite Turquoise cross stone in the center of the silver cross. The turquoise color beads in the necklace are actually bone dyed turquoise. The bail is open and allows you to easily take the pendant off the necklace. The necklace is 24″ and adjustable to 27″. I cannot remember what the silver color beads are on top but they are lightweight.

If you want to stand out from the crowd with a large piece of jewelry, this is the piece. I did not make this particular piece but had some of these fun pieces in my previous brick and mortar shop. I am not selling this as a fine piece of jewelry but a large fun piece that is a head turner and very pretty. If this piece was made of real silver and turquoise beads and stone it would be up there in the thousands. I do make most of the pieces in my shop so look or inquire about a piece you might want. This will come to you in a gift box like one in the pictures.  It is the perfect ready to give gift.

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