Genuine Alligator Minimalist Wallet


Handcrafted Minimalist Wallet made from Genuine Alligator with a matte finish.  This is a very high end elegant wallet with a beautiful finish.  Easy to carry with 3 pockets to hold credit cards, ID, and cash.

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Handcrafted Minimalist Wallet made from Genuine Alligator with a matte finish. This high quality wallet has 3 Pockets and is lined with pigskin leather lining. I designed this for women or men. This is a smaller thin wallet comfortable to wear in a front or back pocket but with room for several credit cards, id card, and some cash. It also works great for business cards.  The alligators are farmed for the purpose of leather and in no way endangered.

Use this wallet instead of lugging a heavy purse around or having a bulging wallet in your back pocket that will eventually cause back problems. My minimalist wallets will fit in your front pocket or shirt pocket. For women, keep this loaded with your ID, a couple of credit cards and some cash. Even if you are using your purse, this little fashion wallet is not only beautiful but provides a quick way to just grab the little wallet and leave the purse behind to go to a dance, hiking, bike riding, fishing, and much more.

Look in my store to see other options.  I carry cowhide and exotics. Leather patterns may vary slightly. Please contact me to order something not shown in my shop.