Beaver Tail Medicine Pouch Deer Leather Antler Button

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Medicine Pouch handmade of beaver tail and black deer skin with an antler button, tiger eye beads, and dot painted feathers on the bottom.

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A black handmade deer leather Medicine Pouch with a real beaver tail for the flap, antler closure button, tiger eye beads, and dot painted leather feathers. Use for your personal or sacred items. My design is inspired from the Native American Medicine Pouches but Scot, Irish, Celt, and Medieval communities also wore similar pouches. This design is more based on the Native American pouch. It looks very pretty as a necklace with western and southwestern attire.

The beaver tail flap has a antler button with deer lace for a closure. The body of the bag is hand laced with deer lace and tiger eye beads with leather feathers on the bottom. A wider piece of deer lace used as a necklace which can be adjusted shorter by opening the flap, pulling the lace with the knot inside to the size wanted and tie another knot. You can then cut off the excess lace or put it down in the pouch. The lace is 24-26″ long. The bag is 3″ wide x 4 long, and 5 1/2″ total length including the beads and feathers. To open, move the deer lace around and over the antler button to free the flap.

Different cultures used these for different purposes. Their contents are private, and often of a personal and or religious nature. These particular pouches had the persons important items put in and the bag was closed and worn but not opened unless something else important needed to be put in. The medicine man or shaman of a tribe would carry one which held many kinds of herbs, stones and other items used for his healing rituals. Some people may also carry crystals or other rocks which they believe to have powers.

In Medieval times the pouches may have contained coins or other important items. I will be making some of those in the future. If you have any questions, please message.