“This sheath has held up beyond my expectations.  I have had it for a year and a half.  I work on cars for a living so I have this on my side 6 days a week.  I have taken my Gerber in and out of the sheath thousands of times.  It shows no signs of letting me down at all.  It’s worth the money. Authur D.

Excellent product, well made, you will never lose your raptors with this holster, didn’t take long to arrive, I plan on ordering more holsters from this individual.  All you Leatherman Raptor owners check it out, won’t be disappointed.”  Thomas W.

“I am very happy with my wallet.  The leather is very soft, the stitching is very well done, and it looks the same as the project image.  It fits everything I need, while remaining slim enough to fit in any pocket.”  Clover D.

“Received today and this leather sheath is an EXCELLENT piece of work!!! Thanks so much for putting out a fine American product. I will definitely buy more items from your storefront in the future.”  GMB

“I have a set of Leatherman raptors, the raptors are great, the holster it comes with isn’t its fallen apart on me twice, so I went searching for another holster, I found this holster, it looks great, fits great on my belt and keeps my raptor safe, I’m a RN so my raptors go everywhere with me….great product..spend the money, either go big or go home I say”  Thomas W.

“I normally wouldn’t spend this amount of money on a tool sheath. I am glad I did though. This sheath fits my Gerber Multitool perfectly. The leather and stitching is top grade and the craftsmanship involved merits the extra dollars spent. This is REAL quality and craftsmanship. This sheath will surely outlast me and probably outlast the tool itself. Well Done Seller, well Done!!!!!!”  JDH

“Great Product! Very well made. I know it is a little on the expensive side, but for someone who uses their Leatherman multiple times a day it is worth every penny. Highly recommended for serious multi-tool users only.”  Amy A.