My interest in artisan made products came from growing up on a Colorado mountain ranch. Back then we made many of the things we wanted including holsters, belts, and many more things. I learned to work with and tool leather when I was a child and have been involved in the craft much of my life. An amusing fact is back then we even made hinges for a small door from leather when we had no metal ones. I was located out in the country on the Front Range east of Colorado Springs. Colorado but recently moved to the Western Slope of Colorado out of Cedaredge, CO.

I saw a need for quality cases, holsters, purses, billfolds and accessories that one can’t find in a store. I hope to fill that need for you. My products are all handmade by me one at a time with quality materials.  Yes, my prices are higher than some but that is because my products are made of a much higher quality of leather and attention is paid to detail.  My leather products may last a lifetime if taken care of compared to sheaths and cases that fall apart every 6 months.  I have new designs coming out often.  I also make a limited amount of jewelry and art related products.  Some items like holsters and cases can be custom made with your brand or hand painted and I welcome you contacting me to see if I can design something you will love.