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Life is too short to have to continually replace low quality items when they fail in a few short months

I used to buy less expensive leather goods too.  I ended up buying them over and over since they did not last.  It cost me time and money not only to purchase but the time I spent shopping.  Sure, high quality leather goods seem a bit expensive but over time, and not too much time, they will save you money.  On top of that, the cheaper items gave me no joy to look at or use.  I want my quality leather designs to help you save time, money, and make you feel happy when you use them.  I started my business to provide a high quality leather product made of the finest leather that will last for years to come.  Don’t see what you want?  I make some custom designs…just email to see if I can make what you want.

  • Keep your expensive items safe
  • Save money and time–shop once
  • Enjoy using a quality design that will last for years

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“Received today and this leather sheath is an EXCELLENT piece of work!!! Thanks so much for putting out a fine American product. I will definitely buy more items from your storefront in the future.”

“I have a set of leatherman raptors, the raptors are great, the holster it comes with isn’t its fallen apart on me twice, so I went searching for another holster, I found this holster, it looks great, fits great on my belt and keeps my raptor safe, I’m a RN so my raptors go everywhere with me….great product..spend the money, either go big or go home I say”

“I normally wouldn’t spend this amount of money on a tool sheath. I am glad I did though. This sheath fits my Gerber Multitool perfectly. The leather and stitching is top grade and the craftsmanship involved merits the extra dollars spent. This is REAL quality and craftsmanship. This sheath will surely outlast me and probably outlast the tool itself. Well Done Seller, well Done!!!!!!”

“Great Product! Very well made. I know it is a little on the expensive side, but for someone who uses their Leatherman multiple times a day it is worth every penny. Highly recommended for serious multi-tool users only.”


  1. Select and buy your leather design
  2. Receive your design in just a few days…most go priority
  3. Relax and enjoy

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